Having previously had a career in the financial sector and also as an estate agent in central London, I have successfully rebalanced my life and teach yoga after graduating with The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre.

When I look back to the first steps of my yoga journey in the 1990's, I had just joined a health club in the City of London and, shortly thereafter, for no particular reason other than curiosity, I decided to join one of the yoga classes. It was only some years later when I recalled looking back to those first small steps and to my yoga teacher, one day after class, informing me that I had become "still". It was only some time afterwards when I realised the significance of what she had said. She meant that my mind had become quiet in a polite way of course! Later, I understood that the reason why yoga is practiced is to reach a state of total relaxation of the mind and body in order to meditate and, ultimately, reach a state of Self realisation. I suppose my yoga teacher probably could see that I had been coming to class with a busy mind which probably manifested itself with unsteady balancing poses and fidgeting when sitting cross legged. This insight has made me aware of how our busy lives affect both our minds and bodies, causing the former to be occupied with thoughts of the past and future and the latter to be inflexible and unhealthy. The practice I teach encompasses pranayama (breathing exercises) and a few minutes of meditation, in addition to the traditional asanas, so that participants may experience a comprehensive understanding of Yoga.

Thanks for visiting Yoga Chap and I look forward to seeing you in class.

The divine light in me honours the divine light in you.

Aum shanti, Neil

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Neil Cheney (Yoga Chap)

Favourite quote
"Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be". Alan Watts

Favourite story
A young yogi ventured into the Himalayas to seek out one of the greatest gurus in order to learn the secret of life and happiness. After an arduous journey, overcoming many hazards, he finally reaches the high mountain pass where the great old man, dressed in a white robe with long flowing grey hair, sits in lotus position, staring peacefully into space. The young yogi sits down next to the guru and assumes a similar pose, waiting for his words of wisdom. An hour goes by, then several hours, then a day, then several days passed. Finally, the young yogi asks the old man, "What happens next?". The guru answers, "Nothing happens next, this is it!".

Meaning of life is: Every moment of life is precious and magical. We experience this not by striving to be happy, but by focusing, in a relaxed way, on the present moment. Most unhappiness comes from regrets about the past or worries about the future, both of which are greatly diminished by gently focusing on the present moment.


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